Bearing Bushing

  • Moving forward to the better stage is evolution
  • The evolution of casting is centrifugal casting
  • Keeping learning and understanding will be the fittest survival
  • MRIDINI – centrifugal casting

Materials of Bearing Bushing

  • – Wear-resistant alloys

Dimensions of Bearing Bushing

  • – Based on your drawings and requirements

Applications of Bearing Bushing

  • – Separation technology, Water technology, Marine engineering
  • – Others

Features of Bearing Bushing

  • – Centrifugal casting is without casting defects and holes
  • – One-piece construction – always better than weld
  • – Saving cost beacause of long lifetime
  • – Mechanical properties are almost equal to forging
  • – For the better world, recycled alloys will be used if the project suits
  • – Made in India is always beyond your expectation
Stainless Steel – 300 Series
ALLOYCast SpecificationsWrought Specifications
CF8 A351/743/744 CF8 J92600 304 S30400
CF3A351/743/744 CF3J92500304LS30403
CF8MA351/743/744 CF8MJ92900316S31600
CF3MA351/743/744 CF3MJ92800316LS31603
CK20A351/743/744 CK20J94202310S31000
CF8CA351/743/744 CF8CJ92710347S34700
CG8MA351/743/744 CG8MJ93000317S31700
CG3MA351/743/744 CG3MJ92999317L S31703
CF10SMnN ( Nitronic 60 )A351/743/744J92972
CG6MMN ( Nitronic 50 )A351/743/744J93790
CN7M (≈ 20Cb-3)A351/743/744N08020
CH20 (≈ 309)A351/743 J93400
CD20N (≈ CE20N)A351/451N08007
Nitronic 33
Nitronic 40
CK3MCuN (≈254SMO)
Stainless Steel – Duplex
ALLOYCast SpecificationsWrought Specifications
1A CD4MCuA 351 /A 890J93370
4A CD3MNA890/A995 4A CD3MNJ922052205S31803
CD7MCuNA890 1C CD3MCuNJ93373S32550
1B CD4MCuNA890/A995 1B CD4MCuNJ93372
5A CE3MNA890/A995 5A CE3MNJ934042507S32750
CE8MNA890/A995 2A CE8MNJ93345
CD3MWCuNA890/A995 6A CD3MWCuNJ93380Z100 S32760
Stainless Steel – Precipitation Hardening
ALLOYCast SpecificationsWrought Specifications
CB7Cu-1A747 Gr CB7Cu-1J9218017-4PHS17400
CB7Cu-2A747 Gr CB7Cu-2J9211015-5PHS15500
Special Irons
ALLOYCast SpecificationsWrought Specifications
CD-2 (≈ D-2 Tool Steel)A597 CD-2T30402
CD-5 (≈ D-5 Tool Steel)A597 CD-5T30405
Ni-resist 1A436 Type 1F41000
Ni-resist 2A436 Type 2F41002
Ni-resist 3A436 Type 3F41004
Ni-resist 4A436 Type 4F41005
Type D-2 (≈Ductile Ni-Resist)A439 Type D-2F43000
Type D-2B (≈Ductile Ni-Resist)A439 Type D2-BF43001
Type IIB (≈15-3CrMo White Iron)A 532 Class IIBF45005
Type IIIA (HC-250)A 532 Class IIIAF45009