With a distinguished history spanning three decades and a wealth of in-depth knowledge, Mridini Castings L.L.P. is recognised as the leading provider of centrifugal casting. Our area of expertise is around the meticulous creation of pipes and tubes using a variety of exceptional ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Our specialisation is in the field of horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting, with a specialisation in setup design and reverse engineering, especially with regard to cylindrical components of various typologies. Conical, slotted, single flange, collared, double flanged, ribbed, TEE-shaped, two-sided tapered, cross-shaped, and other customised specifications that may be bespoke requirements from our respected clientele are all included in this.

At Mridini, we take great pride in having the distinguished responsibility of supplying comprehensive finished components, always supported by accurate chemical and mechanical data. Our constant devotion is demonstrated by the wide range of sectors we serve, including but not limited to the heavy vehicle, steel plant, railroad, oil and gas, and marine parts industries. You may be sure that we will continue to employ only the best raw materials, including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, with an unwavering emphasis. We offer a variety of exceptional materials of the highest calibre, including carbon steel, duplex and super duplex steel, Ni-Hard, and the heat-resistant grades of HN, HH, HH2, HK, HK40, SS310, 20MnCr5, high carbon high chrome (HCHCr), tungsten grades, manganese steels, and more. Please refer to the page for an exhaustive list of metals we work with.